Latest issue available here:

The Kidler: May 2024 Issue

This month we have coverage of the response to shootings targeting Senn students, the city's deployment of "green" alleys, and more!


The Kidler is a teen-run local paper for the Far Northside of Chicago covering the news in Uptown, Edgewater and Rogers Park. It delivers a mix of fact-based reporting, comics, reviews, and opinion pieces every month to a subscriber base that is always growing. 

In the past, Kidler issues have served as the most exhaustive reporting on local aldermanic races, and connected local issues like rising lake levels and homelessness to city-wide struggles. In a period marked by the decline of quality, hyper-local journalism, the Kidler is growing, and connecting populations that lack community engagement back to their neighborhoods. 

The Kidler is committed to uncovering and airing injustice and spreading the movements that would go unnoticed by the mass media. 


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